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Define R3 USB3.0 Titanium Grey

Define R3 – the successor to the best selling Define R2! Now available with a bunch of improvements, including improved cable routing, air flow and bigger hole in M/B plate for mounting CPU coolers. A detailed list of improvements;

Improvements from R2

  • Improved air flow with updated fans
  • Improved noise absorbing material
  • Bigger hole in M/B plate for mounting of CPU Coolers
  • Improved cable routing possibilities
  • Reset button, located behind the front panel door
  • Many small quality improvements, including improved scratch resistant coating

A new generation of style!
The Define R3 case is reaching new heights in combining stylish, contemporary design with maximum functionality and noise absorbing features. The minimalistic, yet stunning front panel design, fitted with noise absorbing material on the inside, creates an aura of exclusivity.

The patent pending feature ModuVent™, in which you can choose whether to have side and top panels open or not, makes the case appealing for users seeking optimal silence, as well as the performance hungry ones.

The sleek black interior is matched with pre-fitted, dense noise absorbing material on the side panels, efficiently absorbing noise and vibrations. You can fit an astonishing total of eight(!) hard drives into this case, using the user friendly HDD-trays. All painted in a nice white color and using black silicone mounts. PSU is mounted in the bottom of the case, with a convenient pull-out filter beneath it.

Are you one of those users always ending up with a case full of tangled cables? No more. The Define R3 offers a convenient and good looking way of hiding them away. The motherboard has rubber covered holes in which you can easily route the cables behind the motherboard.

Key features
* Stunning front panel design
* Patent pending ModuVent™ design, allowing the user to either have optimal silence or optimal airflow
* Pre-fitted with dense, noise absorbing material
* 8 white painted HDD-trays, with silicone mounting
* A total of 7 fan slots (2x120mm in front, 2x 120/140mm in top, 1x120mm in back, 1x 120/140mm in side panel, 1x 120/140mm in bottom)
* 2x 120mm Fractal Design 120mm fans included
* Fan controller for 3 fans included
* Easily removable front fan filters with clip-on holders for 120mm fans
* Supports graphic card lengths up to circa 290mm and CPU coolers with height of maximum circa 165mm
* Supports PSU's with a depth of maximum circa 170mm, when using bottom 120/140mm fan location. When not using the bottom 120/140mm fan location, the case supports also longer PSU's, typically 200-220mm.

Cooling system
* Fan controller for 3 fans included
* 1 rear Fractal Design 120mm @ 1350rpm included
* 1 front Fractal Design 120mm @ 1350rpm included
* 1 front 120mm fan (optional)
* 1 bottom 120mm/140mm fan (optional)
* 1 side panel 120mm/140mm fan (optional)
* 2 top 120mm/140mm fan (optional)

* 8x 3,5 inch HDD trays, compatible with SSD
* 2x 5,25 inch bays, with 1x 5,25>3,5 inch converter included
* On top of front panel: 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 and Audio I/O
* Internal USB 3.0 header
* No PSU included (removable filter below PSU)
* M/B compatibility: Mini ITX, Micro ATX and ATX
* 7x expansion slots with sleek white painted brackets
* Supports graphic card lengths up to ~290mm
* Supports CPU coolers with height of ~165mm
* Supports PSU's with a depth of maximum circa 170mm, when using bottom 120/140mm fan location. When not using the bottom 120/140mm fan location, the case supports also longer PSU's, typically 200-220mm.
* Case size (WxHxD): 207.40x442x521.2mm
* Net weight: 12.50kg

Additional information
* EAN/GTIN-13: 7350041080657
* UPC: 817301010658
* Product code: FD-CA-DEF-R3-USB3-TI
* Also available for System Integrators

Overclockers.ru 2012-08-30

"По результатам тестирования Fractal Design Define XL можно отнести к действительно тихим решениям. Корпус показал отличные шумовые характеристики, вплоть до почти полного снижения исходящего от «системника» шума. «Тихоманы» от него наверняка будут в восторге."

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hardwaresecreats.com 2011-12-19

"We were really impressed by the Fractal Design Define XL. Its construction quality is superb, allowing you to build a high-end system with very low noise level at a very affordable price. The only real negative of this case is that you will probably need to rent a crane to put your computer on your desk after you install three video cards."

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anssi.fi 2011-07-05

"Fractal Design Define XL on hyvä kotelo. Siinä on panostettu hiljaisuuteen ja siinä on onnistuttu todella hyvin. Ilmankierto on toteutettu hyvin ja ilmankierron muokattavuus/paranneltavuus toimii tässä kotelossa hienosti. Mahdollista on rakentaa erittäin hiljainen kokoonpano, tai todella hyvän tuuletuksen omaava kotelo"

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muropaketti.com 2011-07-04

"Hyvää •Kolme esiasennettua hiljaista tuuletinta •Tuulettimien portaaton säätömahdollisuus •Värinävaimennetut kiintolevypaikat •Kiintolevypaikkojen määrä •Irrotettava ylempi kiintolevykehikko •Tuuletinpaikkojen määrä •Äänenvaimennusmateriaali •Sisätilat •Etupaneelin neljä USB-liitäntää •Hinta"

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hwupgrade.it 2011-06-27

"Define XL, chassis sviluppato da Fractal Design è una proposta caratterizzata da linee estremamente pulite e da una qualità costruttiva degna di nota: la struttura portante è decisamente solida e il sistema di montaggio, per quanto essenziale, risulta funzionale e senza complicazioni di sorta. Le finiture sono ben fatte e non sono presenti difetti di sorta. Il sistema di fissaggio di dischi e periferiche, inoltre, permette di montare senza l'ausilio di utensili ogni tipo di componente in modo veloce e semplice."

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tomshardware.com 2011-06-06

"For that we have the second-place case, Fractal Design’s Define XL. It really surprises us that this server-sized part capable of holding ten hard drives and four optical drives is simultaneously more than 10% less expensive than SilverStone’s consumer-oriented part."

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rwlabs.com 2011-04-13

"Overall the Define XL is one of the best full tower cases we have ever reviewed and it is perhaps the best in terms of noise levels thanks to both dampening materials used."

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tweak.dk 2011-04-03

"Når dette er sagt kan vi sige at Define XL så absolut henvender sig til brugeren der ønsker et stilrent men samtidig også enormt stille kabinet, for dette er hvad Definde XL er. Under testen var det stort set umuligt at høre blæserne i kabinettet, og det var endda selvom alle kørte med fulde omdrejninger. Altså kan vi uden tvivl melde Define XL ind i gruppen af ekstremt stille kabinetter."

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aphnetworks.com 2011-03-31

"All I can say is, their amazing attention to detail and quality is so blatantly obvious, it simply cannot be ignored. From the beautifully constructed exterior, to the extremely refined interior, Fractal Design has pretty much got their formula right. I simply cannot see any location where the company has attempted to cut corners in the Define XL. And the thing is, even if they have designed it for quiet computing, they have not skimped on its cooling abilities either."

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hc.pcworld.dk 2011-03-29

"Modsat rigtigt mange kabinetter på markedet er Define XL udstyret med lydabsorberende måtter, der faktisk gjorde, at vores testmaskine gik fra at være "støjsvag" til "stille som en ninja" - den kraftige hardware til trods."

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hitechlegion.com 2011-03-28

"Performance of the Fractal Design Define XL was excellent all around. Installation was very easy, cable management was top notch and cooling characteristics for all components was far above average. The sound absorbing material did its job well, making the Define XL an extremely quiet case regardless of the CPU cooler installed."

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mikrodatorn.idg.se 2011-03-20

"Till att börja med är vi riktigt imponerade av Fractal Design Define XL som har hög kvalitet och ett riktigt bra koncept. Från testerna ser det också ut som man lyckats med sitt syfte när det gäller luftgenomströmning och ljudnivå."

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computerbase.de 2011-03-19

"Die Schweden von Fractal Design haben mit dem „Define XL“ ganze Arbeit geleistet. Das Gehäuse bietet ein großzügiges Raumangebot, welches durch den oberen entfernbaren Festplattenkäfig auch in gewissem Umfang den eigenen Wünschen angepasst werden kann. So hat der Anwender die Qual der Wahl, ob er 45 Zentimeter für Erweiterungskarten oder lieber Platz für bis zu zehn Festplatten haben möchte. Auch Verarbeitung und Materialqualität geben keinen Grund zur Klage. Das größte Plus und gleichzeitig für viele Interessenten das Kaufargument schlechthin ist aber ganz klar die bereits integrierte Schalldämmung. Das eingesetzte Material konnte im Test durch seine hohe schalldämmende Wirkung überzeugen. Durch das hohe Eigengewicht haben auch aufkommende Vibrationen keine Chance die Seitenwände in Schwingungen zu versetzen. So ist es dann auch nicht weiter verwunderlich, dass das „Define XL“ bis jetzt eines der leisesten Gehäuse ist, die von ComputerBase getestet wurden."

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PCUpdate 2011-03-11

"Thanks to its wonderful cable management, silent airflow and perfect build quality, the Define XL has many advantages and becomes a must-have."

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TweakPC.de 2011-03-09

"Das Define XL bietet für seine 125 € Verkaufspreis eine komplette Dämmung – dies findet man bei der Konkurrenz meist erst bei deutlich teureren Gehäusen."

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xsreviews.co.uk 2011-03-07

""All-in-all I can’t say too many bad things about this case, except for its price which is, in my opinion, rather high. The case has a slick look, extremely handy cable management, a well-featured front panel and a ton of fan slots. The case is designed to be super silent while not losing any of the needed cooling performance; and it worked! You can safely store a(n overclocked) high-end system in this case without having to worry about product degradation due to high temperatures.""

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Metku.net 2011-02-28

"Overall the Define XL proved to be a successful addition to the Fractal Design cases lineup. It's a large, stylish and quiet monolith that even comes at a very affordable price."

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TheSSDReviews 2011-02-11

"I wanted to spend a few weeks experimenting with this chassis before I wrote about it and must say that I haven’t really found a negative as of yet. Quite the opposite actually, I found a few unexpected qualities that that I don’t think I can do without in future cases. The case is of a solid metal that one might actually think is bulletproof and the inside surface of which is covered in a dense noise absorbing material. To add to this, the front has a very attractive cover which gives the case a very classy look once closed."

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KitGuru.net 2011-01-27

"The thermal performance of the case is also impressive, cooling our test system very effectively and with an inaudible noise level. The latter of these is the most impressive quality for us as it really differentiates the Define XL from the competition which are far noisier on the whole."

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3dGameMan.com 2011-01-27

"YouTube video review, please see link."

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PCexperience.de 2011-01-27

"alter Schwede..." wäre man fast geneigt zu schwadronieren, das Gehäuse aus Skandivavien hat es wirklich in sich und das im wahrsten Sinne seiner Bedeutung."

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techPowerUp.com 2011-01-26

"The Define XL may just look like a simple size increase of the Define R3 and from an outside perspective it actually is. It is a bit wider, a bit taller and comes with more external drive bays and a larger number of USB 2.0 connectors, but retains the exact look and feel of the Define R3. Once you look at the interior there are a few noteworthy differences which are mainly enabled due to the overall size of the chassis. All of these internal changes are for the better and should present a great argument for those looking to go for a full size chassis and are eyeing the competition."

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Moddingtect.de 2011-01-20

"Bei dem Define XL wurden die bereits aus den Vorgänger-Gehäusen bewährten Features beibehalten, und konsequent verbessert. Es eignet sich durch seine Größe und seine vielfältig anpassbares Kühlkonzept für viele Anforderungen. Ein leiser Büro- bzw. Arbeits-PC mit viel Platzbedarf lässt sich ebenso realisieren wie ein Server oder ein High-End Zocker PC."

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PCTuner.net 2011-01-13

"Tutto questo poi assume una valenza ancora maggiore se si pensa che il Define XL Black Pearl viene proposto a un prezzo di circa 158 € IVA inclusa, inferiore a quello di molti prodotti simili. In sostanza si tratta di un prodotto privo di sostanziali punti deboli, che offre tantissima qualità a un prezzo davvero interessante, senza contare l’esclusività di avere un prodotto molto bello e ancora non particolarmente diffuso, che non mancherà quindi di soddisfare quanti lo dovessero acquistare."

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Award from pcmweb.nl

pcmweb.nl 2011-01-12

"We zijn erg te spreken over deze behuizing. Allereerst oogt hij strak, degelijk en chique. Ten tweede is het een genot om mee te werken. Binnen een paar uur is een uiterst schoon, stil en goed ventilerend systeem te bouwen. Dit is vooral te danken aan het uitstekende kabelmanagement."

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Hardwareluxx.de 2011-01-04

"Das Gehäuse überzeugt zunächst durch die solide Verarbeitung und edle Optik. Zudem kommt die gute Funktionalität. Besonders ist diese den gummierten Kabeldurchführungen, den Staubschutzfiltern, den ruhigen Lüftern, den Rändelschrauben und natürlich der großen Menge an Platz geschuldet. Da das Case auch noch zu einem sehr guten Preis über die Ladentische gehen soll möchte ich hiermit den FTS Gold Award vergeben."

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PC4free.tk 2010-12-25

"Overall, this is a fantastic case which I am going to give my Silver Award."

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Award from Sweclockers.se

Sweclockers.se 2010-11-24

"YouTube video review, please see link"

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www.cowcotland.com 2010-11-18

"YouTube video review, please see link"

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NCIX.com 2010-10-27

"YouTube video review, please see link."

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